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  IC-Distributors.com is a broad-line independent integrated circuit distributor and supplier of electronic components. We specialize in hard to find new, discontinued, obsolete, and guaranteed* professionally refurbished integrated circuits.  
  Through our In-Stock Inventory and extensive network of suppliers, we have access to millions of integrated circuit products including obsolete integrated circuits and discontinued components.  
  We provide a 100% Quality Guarantee* on all products.
  Products on web site are located within the United States.
  All product is stored in a controlled environment.
  Credit cards, PayPal, Bank Transfer, and COD (U.S. Addresses) are accepted.
  Online Order Tracking is available for all UPS and Federal
Express shipments.
  Knowledgeable and experienced sales staff.
  We have built our reputation by maintaining a knowlegeable sales and customer
service staff who work to assure the best price and delivery availability for our
  Think of IC-Distributors.com as your only source for all of your electronic
component needs.
  © 2004 IC-Distributors Inc.
All rights reserved.
* Product guarantee is for 30 days from the date of customer receipt.
Guarantee covers form, fit, and function and is limited to refund or replacement.
TEL: +1 440-951-5130 FAX: +1 440-951-0107
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